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    Something that is not well known outside of the health world is the significantly disturbing research on resistant strains of bacteria. Numerous studies show that it is a time bomb that has already started to explode.

    When you combine the 18 strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics with the annual reporting of the pathetic effectiveness (15-18% last year) of the constantly pushed seasonal flu shots, you can see that it is imperative that you address the strength of your immune system. Think prevention!

    You may have thought that antibiotics for ear infections are the best treatment for your kids. The research clearly tells a different story, however. Medical studies indicate that antibiotics actually weaken your immune system and using them can make your child 2-6 times more likely to get another ear infection than patients given a placebo!

    When seeking to strengthen your immune system you should consider probiotics, olive leaf extract, and specific supplements like “Defense”, which has an amazing list of great nutrients proven to improve your immune system.

    Nobody wants to hear this, but studies clearly show that refined sugar weakens your immune system, so, STOP THE COOKIES!

    At our class on October 29th from 4:00 to 5:15 PM, we will fill you in on the latest research so that you and your family can enjoy vibrant health during the “cold and flu season” and reduce your chances of catching anything that you don’t want.

    Give our Prescott Healthcare clinic a quick call if you want to see and learn about the best ways to treat and/or avoid getting a cold or the flu. Calling 445-5607 and spending $5 for your admission fee will secure you seat. See you there!

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