Why Probiotics Matter

  • Why Probiotics Matter

    Why Probiotics Matter

    Digestive health is complicated. Each person has a multitude of different types of bacteria living in a delicate balance within our guts, aiding in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. This astonishingly complex system of complimentary good and bad bacteria is easily disturbed by diet, illness, or environmental factors resulting in many unpleasant digestive conditions. Adding the right probiotic to your daily regimen of vitamins and supplements can help if things get out of balance.

    Not all probiotic strains are the same. There are many different kinds of probiotics, and not surprisingly, some are better at helping improve certain bodily functions over others. Recent research in the field has identified particular probiotic strains that work on specific cellular or metabolic targets in the body.

    Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118, a specific strain of the Lactobacillus salivarius probiotic bacteria, has been found to support the cellular mechanisms that support a healthy intestinal barrier which is vital for ensuring only the right molecules pass into the blood stream and lymphatic system. This passage of molecules is regulated by intestinal epithelial functional complexes (e.g., tight junctions), which can be influenced by the bacteria of the intestinal microbiome. A growing number of health conditions are now being recognized to involve alterations in intestinal permeability and changes in tight junctions. Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118, now available in North America in supplement form, has been shown to support the intestinal epithelial barrier by producing bacteriocins to support a healthy microbial balance and tight junctions for healthy intestinal permeability.

    Call today to make an appointment to discuss your digestive health concerns and the benefits of simple dietary changes and supplementing with targeted probiotics.

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