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    Uptight and Stressed?

    When someone asks you if you are under stress, what do you usually think about? Eating too much junk food? Lack of exercise? Pulling weeds for hours and hours? High power lines near your home? Smelling paint after upgrading your kitchen?

    Probably not. Most of us think only of emotional stress and not the other three types, which are structural, nutritional, and electromagnetic. Don’t think for a moment that they aren’t tough on your body because they are, but we usually think only about the emotional category.

    And for very good reasons! The newest research shows that 87-95% of ALL HUMAN AILMENTS are caused by poor thinking!!

    That means that worry, anger, depression, fear and anxiety are potentially doing much more harm than most people thought was possible.

    There is so much new research and information to help you, so this year we are changing the topics and the order of the monthly public lectures at Hancock Healthcare to include the latest updates. It is no wonder that we’d start with a topic that affects our patients more all of the time. You guessed it… emotional stress!

    At the class I will test volunteers and explain what can happen when their adrenal glands are under-functioning. I will demonstrate the amazing benefits of our cold laser treatments. I will show you how your thoughts can cause an instantaneous change in the strength of your muscles. We will look at what nutrition and even essential oil can do to alleviate stress and protect your body from the negative impacts of stress.

    Call 445-5607 and let us know to reserve you a seat on January 19th from 4:00 to 5:15 PM at 805 Whipple Street. Classes fill up quickly, are $5 and as usual, you will learn something new and take home some great handouts that will add to the information presented. Start 2017 with the purposeful intent to know more and do more to have better health.

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