If I eat well, do I really need vitamins?

This is a common question heard in our clinic, and the answer is YES and NO.
Yes there are certain vitamins that we call “CORE NUTRITION” that are recommended for most people because of the obvious and well-researched benefits.

No you do not need to take vitamins just because an infomercial or your favorite magazine says you need it. This is why we offer accurate and affordable ways for you to determine what your body requires. Dr. Hancock is a nutritionist with advanced training in laboratory analysis.

Ask us about the Brimhall Body Scan, the Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ), and the Target Blood Panel. These three assessments are the very best first steps in determining your nutritional needs. The Brimhall Body Scan can indicate the body systems that are weak or in need of additional support. The HAQ analyzes 30 systems in females and 22 in males and is extremely thorough. It clearly identifies what is happening in your gut and indicates what cleansing protocol is best for you specifically. The Target Blood Panel is used to determine patient’s cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation readings. This panel targets the 3 deadly disease issues in America: Heart Disease, Diabetes and Inflammation.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hancock today to discuss your unique history and determine which assessment would work best for you!

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