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  • Emotional Stress and Your Health
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    Emotional Stress and Your Health

    For those of you who have always suspected that your thoughts can and do influence your overall health, there is some fairly new research that confirms just that. You were right all long!

    The concept and the demonstration of how we can make a difference with our health is not new. In 1997, the Lancet Medical Journal said that only 25% of our health is a function of our genetics, and therefore 75% is determined by what we think and do, and the choices that we make.

    In 2002, Science magazine reported that it may be as high as 80-90% of our health that is a function of what we think and do. That is very good news for those of us who want to be proactive in our health and not at the mercy of the choices that our parents and grandparents made.

    As significant as those studies are, this next study is a game-changer. After 25 years of research, Dr. Carolyn Leaf reported recently that an amazing 87-95% of ALL HUMAN AILMENTS are due to our thoughts!!! You are in control, folks!

    At our monthly class on April 28th from 4:00-5:30 PM, we will demonstrate how our thoughts and words influence our vitality by using muscle testing, questionnaires, and the well-known Bach Flower Remedies.

    You will be shown some simple and very effective methods to reduce the impact of stress in your life.

    Call Hancock Healthcare today at 445-5607 to sign up for this class, which will be given only once this year. It may be the best $5 you spend in 2016!

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