• Proper diet
    • December 04th, 2017
    • By Hancock Healthcare
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    Proper diet

    Proper diet and exercise are essential to maintaining good cardiovascular AND overall health. Some nutritional supplements can be very important, also. For example, did you know that vitamins E and K2 can actually clean out your arteries? How cool is that?

    The Mediterranean diet has been around for many years and is still the one that we recommend for everyone. Recent studies show that it helps prevent dementia, osteoporosis, and arthritic pain. Plus, it just tastes great.

    At our class on November 30th, I will give you the essentials of the Mediterranean diet, and explain all of the latest research on how to take care of your cardiovascular system. As always, we will test some volunteers for cardio risk factors.

    We will discuss how the medical profession treats cardiac events (is everyone deficient in a blood thinner and a statin?), and the logic behind what they recommend.

    Please join us from 4:00-5:15 PM on the 30th to hear the latest info on the #1 killer in the country and how avoid being a victim! Call 445-5607!

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  • Have a heart that lasts
    • December 04th, 2017
    • By Hancock Healthcare
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    Have a heart that lasts

    Here is an interesting fact…when you combine men and women in the research; you will find that the average difference between your health span (how long you are healthy) and your life span (how long you live) in the US is eleven years!

    What that really means is that you will have 11 years of aches, pains, diseases, conditions and problems before you croak. Great!

    So then, what do we do with that little nugget of information?

    The obvious thing to do is to rise above the health level of the average person in this country by eating real food, and getting regular exercise. Please tell me that that is not new or shocking to you!

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  • Sleep Problems
    • May 04th, 2017
    • By Hancock Healthcare
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    Sleep Problems

    Sleep Problems…The “Rest” of the Story!

    According to the CDC, 35% of Americans are falling short in this category, and that shortfall may cost $200 billion in workplace problems in the U.S. alone. Also, this problem can lead to a big list of health issues.

    Is it a nutritional deficiency? Is it a dietary problem, like too much alcohol or sugar?


    It is getting less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night!

    Research indicates that if you aren’t getting enough sleep you are increasing your risk of anxiety, memory loss, weight gain, mood swings, high blood pressure, and a reduction in work and physical performance.

    Chronic sleep deprivation may lead to obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and even early death.

    These are just a few things that can impact your ability to sleep well: drug reactions, poor diet choices, electromagnetic stress from cell phones and computers, going to sleep at different times, wearing sunglasses most of the time when outside, allowing kids or pets to sleep with you, too much light in the bedroom, and lack of exercise.

    What we find clinically is that there are two nutrients that can make a huge positive impact on sleep problems.

    “Pineal Concentrate” helps to rebuild your pineal gland so that it can produce the proper amount of the sleep inducing hormone called melatonin. It is so much smarter for you to produce your own supply of melatonin instead of buying it at a store or taking scary drugs, right? Right!

    The other nutrient is “REM Sleep” which contains a great combination of herbs and other natural ingredients that can safely promote restful sleep. Both supplements are all natural and non-habit forming!

    For much more information on this topic, please join us at our clinic for an informative talk on May 25th, 2017 from 4:00-5:15 PM. Call 445-5607 to make a reservation today.

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