Time to weigh in on weight management

    • January 10th, 2018
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    Time to weigh in on weight management

    Are you totally fed up with the health stats getting worse all of the time in this country? So am I!

    A new report just came out that showed that life expectancy in the US has gone down for the second year in a row. That hasn’t happened for over 50 years!

    A recent study indicated that one of the reasons for dying earlier is the problem with obesity and being overweight. 67% of women and 75% of men in this country are overweight! In 1960, 11% of the population was overweight. Oops… going in the wrong direction!

    I recently read a book by Tom Venuto called, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”. It is by far the best and most complete book I have ever read on the essentials for losing fat and getting healthy: written goals, proper balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance exercise.

    The author used to be unhappy and overweight then became a bodybuilder and trainer that walks the talk and explains what is needed for proper, healthy, and permanent weight loss.

    He uses the principles that have been proven to be effective in the bodybuilding and fitness world for several decades. So you are thinking that you don’t want to be a fitness model or a bodybuilder?

    That’s fine, you can just use the techniques that they have used to lose that last 10-15 pounds that you have been wanting to shed and get healthier and fitter at the same time!

    At our class on January 25th, from 4:00-5:15pm, I will go over the basics of weight management and answer your questions on this critical topic. The class is given once this year and you don’t want to miss it!

    Call ASAP to reserve your seat. 928-445-5607.

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    Our purpose at the Hancock Healthcare Clinic is to assist our patients and community in achieving and maintaining optimal health using natural methods. We desire to offer the best Healthcare in Prescott AZ.
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