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  • How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances
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    How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances

    Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave sugar? Are you about to be diagnosed with diabetes? What does diabetes feel like? What are the possible side effects of blood sugar issues?

    These questions are extremely important to consider for you and your family. Why? Because there are devastating consequences awaiting you and your family if you have problems that are not properly addressed.

    About half of US adults are pre-diabetic, which means that they have Syndrome X, Metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance. The number of diabetics in the US has increased 71% since 1990!

    The number one cause of limb amputation, kidney failure, and blindness is diabetes. Most of the time there are no symptoms of diabetes, so you may be unaware of the life-changing damage that awaits you. 90-95% of diabetics do it to themselves by not exercising properly and/or by eating the Standard-American-Diet…SAD.

    Ask yourself this….”Do you eat the way your parents ate when you were young?” Right! So your kids will probably eat the way you do today. Are you setting the right example?

    The best diet in the world for creating degenerative diseases is the All-American diet, which, of course, is loaded with refined sugar!

    It is essential to understand why you crave sugar and carbs and how to break the cycle of eating junk, gaining weight, and increasing your risks of horrible diseases!

    On August 25,th from 4:00 to 5:15 PM, we offer a class that will explain why you crave sweets, what can happen to you if you eat sugar, and how to deal with it in a natural way. We will discuss the wonderful ways to eat nature’s sweeteners like berries, local honey or stevia and satisfy your sugar cravings the right way. The class costs $5 per person and is only offered once this year, so don’t miss out! Call 445-5607 to reserve your seat today!

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    In our clinic we utilize several different procedures to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal health. Three of those treatments are especially impactful on the health and wellbeing of many our patients. We refer to them as the Big Three!

    It is well established that chiropractic care is beneficial. We offer low force, full spine and extremity adjusting that truly sets us apart from most adjusting styles, and is more in demand all of the time. This core treatment used with the Big Three brings amazing results in overall health and wellness. So let’s introduce the Big Three:

    First, we offer the Body Scan in which we check the glands, organs, immune system, toxicity, lobes of the brain, and more. It is a thorough muscle-testing procedure that is very popular in our clinic. This scan takes the guess work out of choosing what nutrients or homeopathic formulations are needed by your body. Patients leave with specific information that allows them to know what to do next to start the road to optimal health.

    Next, is our FDA-approved Cold Lasers that have over 100 different settings and are so safe that they are approved for patients to use at home.
    The lasers have 3 blended wavelengths that allow for shallow-to-deep penetration into the tissues that need treatment. Lasers have been proven (we have the references) to increase energy production through mitochondrial activation, and increase protein synthesis, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and oxygen flow. This means that they accelerate the healing process! The lasers have also been proven to reduce pain and inflammation!

    The third part of the Big Three is our acupuncture treatments using lasers, not needles. We use the Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging ™ system to analyze and document the energetic status of the patient’s acupuncture meridians. This painless procedure allows the patient to take home a printed copy of their graphic interpretation of the meridians checked. In addition, a copy of involved meridians may be printed, with a copy of specific points that the patient may use at home to accelerate clinical response and healing.

    Think of the requirements of a garden, you understand that you need good soil, good sunlight, and proper water. If you compare those needs to your body, you would understand that knowing where to begin (Body Scan) and providing the proper nutrition represents good soil. The cold lasers provide the light wavelengths (sunlight) to improve function, and our acupuncture treatments using lasers, not needles, are analogous to a good drip system.

    You can see why we are so excited to provide these services to our patients and why they respond so well to it!

    To see a live discussion and demonstration of these amazing treatment protocols, call Hancock Healthcare at 445-5607 ASAP to reserve your seat for the class we will offer on July 27th, 2017 from 4:00 to 5:15 PM. Seating is limited, so call today!

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  • Cancer…What CAN you do?
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    Cancer…What CAN you do?

    Probably the most ominous diagnosis anyone can imagine getting is having cancer. Cancer is defined as a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells.

    What is also uncontrolled is the spread of cancer in this country and our apparent lack of knowledge and willpower to change our lifestyle to help prevent it.

    For example, in 2012 there were 577,000 deaths from cancer, and 363,000 were preventable! Current genetic research shows that our lifestyle choices, including what we eat, can impact the genetics we pass on to our children. It also shows that our lifestyle choices can trump the bad genetics IF we choose wisely.

    What is now well understood is that cancer is passing heart disease as the #1 killer in some states, including Arizona.

    The benefits of avoiding sugar, taking key nutrients, and proper exercise are well documented for the prevention and treatment of cancer AND NEARLY EVERY OTHER CONDITION KNOWN TO MAN!

    Nutritional supplements can play a massive role in the prevention of cancer. We will give you a list at our class that may offer huge benefits to you and your family. You will learn about Longevi-D, and Whole C. Did you know that ascorbic acid is simply a blend of corn syrup and hydrochloric acid and that it is touted as vitamin C in some cheap nutritional supplements? Vitamin C is made up of 4 different parts, not one!

    Did you know that some studies indicate that toxicity may cause 95% of all cancers? We will provide information on the best plan and supplements for healthy detoxification, like Liver-Kidney, Opti-Cleanse, and others.

    Join us for one night of powerful information on June 22nd, 2017 from 4:00 to 5:15 PM. Call 445-5607 to reserve a seat today!

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  • Weight Management
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    Weight Management

    OK, so you went crazy with your diet during the holidays…..again, right? Just like last year and the year before, right? And now it is time to get serious about losing that excess weight, right?

    Of course it is time to take control, because you heard that the average American gains 15 pounds from October to January, and you want to be above average for your family and yourself.

    You also heard that in 1960, 11% of Americans were overweight and today 67% of women and 75% of men are overweight. And because you heard that American kids are the fattest in the world “by far” and the least fit, you’ve bravely and correctly decided that it is time to change your family’s health tomorrow by being a great example of good health today.

    At our monthly class on February 23rd from 4:00 to 5:15 PM we will explain how being overweight can lead to more fat production and inflammation in your body. We will explain how low testosterone in men and women can cause weight gain. How can you tell if you are low in testosterone? If you can grab a handful of belly fat there is a good chance you are low. Low testosterone can cause low energy, low libido, AND weight gain!

    So then what do you do? Full body resistance training 3x a week combined with H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) can increase your testosterone levels naturally. In addition, there is a new all-natural supplement called Opti-T that has been shown to naturally double testosterone levels in men and women in 2 weeks!

    There are other supplements like Natural Vitality, Fat-Sugar-Trim, and Complete Nutrition that, when used in combination with Body Composition Analysis and a logical plan of food choices, can be of tremendous value in your quest for optimal health!

    We can help you take charge of your health. It is time to do it!

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  • Digestive Problems
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    Digestive Problems

    Digestive Problems Can Make a Good Day Crappy”

    We’ve all heard the expression, “you are what you eat,” right? WRONG! You are what you eat, digest, and assimilate. That means that what you had for dinner last night will become your heart tissue, your new bone growth, and your bicep muscle if you ate real food…and if it is broken down and utilized!

    This is a great time to discuss food quality. We have recommended the Mediterranean diet for decades and it has recently been shown to be the best diet for preventing osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease, among a lot of other things. End of discussion!

    Did you know that 50% of Americans suffer from digestion problems? If that surprises you, just think about the all-American diet and try not to barf up that dinner from last night.

    And did you know that the #1 reason to be hospitalized in this country is because of digestive problems. Read sentence number two in the above paragraph again…just for giggles.

    From a clinical standpoint, we regularly see and treat intestinal valve problems (the ileocecal and Houston valves can be either jammed shut or locked in an open position), a hiatal hernia (part of the stomach pushed up through the diaphragm), and/or a digestive enzyme deficiency. They can create major symptoms in some folks, but they are fairly easy to correct.

    As you probably know, we do a health talk each month on a different topic, and this month, we will thoroughly explain and describe the most important digestive problems and what to do about them. We always do no-charge mini-exams on those who volunteer to be tested.

    We strongly encourage you to call 445-5607 to reserve a seat for the class, which will be from 4-5:15 PM November 17th!

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