How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances

  • How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances
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    How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances

    Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave sugar? Are you about to be diagnosed with diabetes? What does diabetes feel like? What are the possible side effects of blood sugar issues?

    These questions are extremely important to consider for you and your family. Why? Because there are devastating consequences awaiting you and your family if you have problems that are not properly addressed.

    About half of US adults are pre-diabetic, which means that they have Syndrome X, Metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance. The number of diabetics in the US has increased 71% since 1990!

    The number one cause of limb amputation, kidney failure, and blindness is diabetes. Most of the time there are no symptoms of diabetes, so you may be unaware of the life-changing damage that awaits you. 90-95% of diabetics do it to themselves by not exercising properly and/or by eating the Standard-American-Diet…SAD.

    Ask yourself this….”Do you eat the way your parents ate when you were young?” Right! So your kids will probably eat the way you do today. Are you setting the right example?

    The best diet in the world for creating degenerative diseases is the All-American diet, which, of course, is loaded with refined sugar!

    It is essential to understand why you crave sugar and carbs and how to break the cycle of eating junk, gaining weight, and increasing your risks of horrible diseases!

    On August 25,th from 4:00 to 5:15 PM, we offer a class that will explain why you crave sweets, what can happen to you if you eat sugar, and how to deal with it in a natural way. We will discuss the wonderful ways to eat nature’s sweeteners like berries, local honey or stevia and satisfy your sugar cravings the right way. The class costs $5 per person and is only offered once this year, so don’t miss out! Call 445-5607 to reserve your seat today!

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