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    In July of 2017, the esteemed CDC casually said that the flu shots for the elderly for the previous winter were “essentially ineffective.”


    That’s right, my friends, the acknowledged experts of all things relating to health issues have once again admitted that they don’t have a clue when it comes to flu shots!

    There is no way to predict what the strain of the flu will be for each season, therefore there is no way to prepare a shot that will be effective for whatever strain decides to wander through your town each winter. Yet year after year we are told that it is going to be a really bad flu season so you’d better get your shot ASAP.

    This is illogical. Raise your hand if you’ve gone decades without getting the flu, but gave in to the predictable pressure from your favorite medical professional and gotten the shot. 24 hours later you are in bed with…….wait for it……the flu! That’s right, the very shot that you were told can’t give you the flu actually did exactly that. What are the odds!

    Another common occurrence is the problem with ear infections in kids. If a child gets an ear infection, they are obviously deficient in antibiotics and Tylenol. The research on the lack of effectiveness and overuse of antibiotics and the dangers of Tylenol is noteworthy and should be considered if you are told to treat the problem with drugs.

    Our monthly presentation at Hancock Healthcare on the 28th of September from 4:00 to 5:15 is dedicated to telling you about the latest research on these hot topics and the natural approaches to dealing with them. Call 445-5607 to reserve a seat! See you there!

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