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    Concerned about Gluten?

    Gluten concerns are on the rise. Estimates of the number of individuals with gluten sensitivities vary widely. However, those individuals with sensitivities report relief of symptoms when maintaining a gluten-free diet. Unfortunately, there are many hidden sources of gluten, making it difficult to be gluten free. According to a recent consumer research survey, 1 in 3 US adults are reducing gluten consumption or avoiding it completely.

    Complex gluten proteins may be difficult to digest. Gluten is a protein composite of gliadins and glutenins, which are unusually high in the amino acid proline. For some, the ability to completely break down gluten is limited and some of the proline-rich peptides (PRPs) pass through to the intestines. These inadequately degraded PRPs can have negative downstream effects that may lead to discomfort for individuals with gluten sensitivities.

    Oral enzyme supplements to aid gluten digestion represent an adjunctive treatment strategy for patients avoiding dietary gluten. The effectiveness of these approaches, however, can vary greatly. Endoproteases are non-animal-derived digestive enzymes that currently represent one of the most advanced and promising strategies to aid gluten digestion. New research has identified a unique, proline-specific endoprotease derived from Aspergillus niger that has been clinically demonstrated to break down gluten before it reaches the small intestine, which is key to supporting digestive health and comfort. This unique digestive enzyme is now available in supplement form in North America.

    Call today to make an appointment to discuss your gluten concerns and the benefits of simple dietary changes and supplementing with a targeted digestive enzyme.

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