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    Digestive Problems

    Digestive Problems Can Make a Good Day Crappy”

    We’ve all heard the expression, “you are what you eat,” right? WRONG! You are what you eat, digest, and assimilate. That means that what you had for dinner last night will become your heart tissue, your new bone growth, and your bicep muscle if you ate real food…and if it is broken down and utilized!

    This is a great time to discuss food quality. We have recommended the Mediterranean diet for decades and it has recently been shown to be the best diet for preventing osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease, among a lot of other things. End of discussion!

    Did you know that 50% of Americans suffer from digestion problems? If that surprises you, just think about the all-American diet and try not to barf up that dinner from last night.

    And did you know that the #1 reason to be hospitalized in this country is because of digestive problems. Read sentence number two in the above paragraph again…just for giggles.

    From a clinical standpoint, we regularly see and treat intestinal valve problems (the ileocecal and Houston valves can be either jammed shut or locked in an open position), a hiatal hernia (part of the stomach pushed up through the diaphragm), and/or a digestive enzyme deficiency. They can create major symptoms in some folks, but they are fairly easy to correct.

    As you probably know, we do a health talk each month on a different topic, and this month, we will thoroughly explain and describe the most important digestive problems and what to do about them. We always do no-charge mini-exams on those who volunteer to be tested.

    We strongly encourage you to call 445-5607 to reserve a seat for the class, which will be from 4-5:15 PM November 17th!

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