It should come as no surprise to you that we have a problem with toxic exposure. There are north of 87,000 chemicals allowed in our environment by the government, and 4 billion pounds of toxins are dumped or pumped into the environment every year.

    Dr. Mark Hyman’s research has shown that umbilical cord blood contains 287 toxins, and the blood in newborns contains 220 toxins, 180 of which are carcinogenic! Therefore we shouldn’t be surprised that childhood cancers are increasing, should we?

    In fact, some research shows that 95% of ALL cancers are directly related to toxic exposure.

    Some of these nasty boys are familiar to us all….like pesticides, fertilizers, hair spray, vehicle emissions, and paint fumes. Others may not be on your list of well-known culprits…like fabric softener sheets, cosmetics, detergents, shampoos, chem trails, and room deodorizers.

    So what can we do about this serious problem?

    It is essential to eliminate the source of the toxins in your home and in your diet. For example, diet sodas with aspartame are actually toxic to your brain and nerves, and GMO products scare the heck out of me! DUMP THEM!

    In our clinic we utilize dietary suggestions and nutritional supplements to help rid your body of toxins in an effective and healthy fashion.

    On only one day this year, February 25th from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, we will discuss all of the latest information on this critically important topic at our clinic at 805 Whipple Street. We will demonstrate how we test for problems that can affect your ability to detoxify, and answer your questions. Call ASAP at 445-5607 to reserve your seat!

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    Our purpose at the Hancock Healthcare Clinic is to assist our patients and community in achieving and maintaining optimal health using natural methods. We desire to offer the best Healthcare in Prescott AZ.
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