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    We have written in the past about the high levels of toxins in our environment…even in newborn babies! Toxicity is connected with causing an increased risk of cancer, weight gain, and many other health issues.

    So what is to be done to counteract this toxic burden on our bodies?

    Obviously you should avoid toxins when possible, but what if you can’t? Then what?

    The answer lies in the magic of nutritional supplements! Not just any supplements, but high-quality, whole food sourced, pre-digested, organic, non-GMO powerhouses of concentrated nutrition from Optimal Health Systems.

    Each of the nutrients discussed are blended with highly researched ingredients proven to activate the body in safe and effective ways to help improve your health.

    “Liver-Kidney” is a blend of minerals and herbs that help the liver and kidneys filter the toxins from our bodies. Just like your water filter at home, these organs can become clogged with junk and then fail to operate properly. If they aren’t working properly, toxins will be stored in the body and then problems can arise.

    Taking 1 capsule per day is a good amount to help prevent problems, but if you are a patient, Dr. Hancock may dose you at a higher level if the need is there. The same goes for “Opti-Cleanse”

    “Opti-Cleanse” is another amazing supplement for detoxification. It has the unique ability to surround heavy metal toxins so that they are safely carried out of the body, and at the same time it helps to repair the lining of the intestinal tract.

    The “Soft Cleanse” packets make it very easy to detox by simply taking 2 packets a day for a month.

    Join us on March 30th from 4:00 to 5:15 for our class on detox and learn the latest great info. Call 445-5607 today!

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    Our purpose at the Hancock Healthcare Clinic is to assist our patients and community in achieving and maintaining optimal health using natural methods. We desire to offer the best Healthcare in Prescott AZ.
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