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  • Time to weigh in on weight management
    • January 10th, 2018
    • By Hancock Healthcare
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    Time to weigh in on weight management

    Are you totally fed up with the health stats getting worse all of the time in this country? So am I!

    A new report just came out that showed that life expectancy in the US has gone down for the second year in a row. That hasn’t happened for over 50 years!

    A recent study indicated that one of the reasons for dying earlier is the problem with obesity and being overweight. 67% of women and 75% of men in this country are overweight! In 1960, 11% of the population was overweight. Oops… going in the wrong direction!

    I recently read a book by Tom Venuto called, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”. It is by far the best and most complete book I have ever read on the essentials for losing fat and getting healthy: written goals, proper balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance exercise.

    The author used to be unhappy and overweight then became a bodybuilder and trainer that walks the talk and explains what is needed for proper, healthy, and permanent weight loss.

    He uses the principles that have been proven to be effective in the bodybuilding and fitness world for several decades. So you are thinking that you don’t want to be a fitness model or a bodybuilder?

    That’s fine, you can just use the techniques that they have used to lose that last 10-15 pounds that you have been wanting to shed and get healthier and fitter at the same time!

    At our class on January 25th, from 4:00-5:15pm, I will go over the basics of weight management and answer your questions on this critical topic. The class is given once this year and you don’t want to miss it!

    Call ASAP to reserve your seat. 928-445-5607.

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  • Proper diet
    • December 04th, 2017
    • By Hancock Healthcare
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    Proper diet

    Proper diet and exercise are essential to maintaining good cardiovascular AND overall health. Some nutritional supplements can be very important, also. For example, did you know that vitamins E and K2 can actually clean out your arteries? How cool is that?

    The Mediterranean diet has been around for many years and is still the one that we recommend for everyone. Recent studies show that it helps prevent dementia, osteoporosis, and arthritic pain. Plus, it just tastes great.

    At our class on November 30th, I will give you the essentials of the Mediterranean diet, and explain all of the latest research on how to take care of your cardiovascular system. As always, we will test some volunteers for cardio risk factors.

    We will discuss how the medical profession treats cardiac events (is everyone deficient in a blood thinner and a statin?), and the logic behind what they recommend.

    Please join us from 4:00-5:15 PM on the 30th to hear the latest info on the #1 killer in the country and how avoid being a victim! Call 445-5607!

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  • Have a heart that lasts
    • December 04th, 2017
    • By Hancock Healthcare
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    Have a heart that lasts

    Here is an interesting fact…when you combine men and women in the research; you will find that the average difference between your health span (how long you are healthy) and your life span (how long you live) in the US is eleven years!

    What that really means is that you will have 11 years of aches, pains, diseases, conditions and problems before you croak. Great!

    So then, what do we do with that little nugget of information?

    The obvious thing to do is to rise above the health level of the average person in this country by eating real food, and getting regular exercise. Please tell me that that is not new or shocking to you!

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    In July of 2017, the esteemed CDC casually said that the flu shots for the elderly for the previous winter were “essentially ineffective.”


    That’s right, my friends, the acknowledged experts of all things relating to health issues have once again admitted that they don’t have a clue when it comes to flu shots!

    There is no way to predict what the strain of the flu will be for each season, therefore there is no way to prepare a shot that will be effective for whatever strain decides to wander through your town each winter. Yet year after year we are told that it is going to be a really bad flu season so you’d better get your shot ASAP.

    This is illogical. Raise your hand if you’ve gone decades without getting the flu, but gave in to the predictable pressure from your favorite medical professional and gotten the shot. 24 hours later you are in bed with…….wait for it……the flu! That’s right, the very shot that you were told can’t give you the flu actually did exactly that. What are the odds!

    Another common occurrence is the problem with ear infections in kids. If a child gets an ear infection, they are obviously deficient in antibiotics and Tylenol. The research on the lack of effectiveness and overuse of antibiotics and the dangers of Tylenol is noteworthy and should be considered if you are told to treat the problem with drugs.

    Our monthly presentation at Hancock Healthcare on the 28th of September from 4:00 to 5:15 is dedicated to telling you about the latest research on these hot topics and the natural approaches to dealing with them. Call 445-5607 to reserve a seat! See you there!

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  • How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances
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    How Sweet It Isn’t…Blood Sugar Imbalances

    Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave sugar? Are you about to be diagnosed with diabetes? What does diabetes feel like? What are the possible side effects of blood sugar issues?

    These questions are extremely important to consider for you and your family. Why? Because there are devastating consequences awaiting you and your family if you have problems that are not properly addressed.

    About half of US adults are pre-diabetic, which means that they have Syndrome X, Metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance. The number of diabetics in the US has increased 71% since 1990!

    The number one cause of limb amputation, kidney failure, and blindness is diabetes. Most of the time there are no symptoms of diabetes, so you may be unaware of the life-changing damage that awaits you. 90-95% of diabetics do it to themselves by not exercising properly and/or by eating the Standard-American-Diet…SAD.

    Ask yourself this….”Do you eat the way your parents ate when you were young?” Right! So your kids will probably eat the way you do today. Are you setting the right example?

    The best diet in the world for creating degenerative diseases is the All-American diet, which, of course, is loaded with refined sugar!

    It is essential to understand why you crave sugar and carbs and how to break the cycle of eating junk, gaining weight, and increasing your risks of horrible diseases!

    On August 25,th from 4:00 to 5:15 PM, we offer a class that will explain why you crave sweets, what can happen to you if you eat sugar, and how to deal with it in a natural way. We will discuss the wonderful ways to eat nature’s sweeteners like berries, local honey or stevia and satisfy your sugar cravings the right way. The class costs $5 per person and is only offered once this year, so don’t miss out! Call 445-5607 to reserve your seat today!

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